Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Local User Settings

Microsoft is now encouraging developers to store program settings on a per user basis. This has alot to do with changes in Windows Vista. Presently Weather Message has one set of settings for the entire program. This is not much of an issue for the server as those settings are global. It is more of a issue for the clients.

The client program settings apply to all users (Message Client and Map Client). This includes the position on the screen. If multiple people use the same computer, they cannot configure the clients for their own preferences. This applies to a single computer or a terminal services connection.

The original thought was to make it easy for the administrators. You set up the program and no changes are required by the user. A simple ini file can be copied from computer to computer with the client settings. I will note that in some installations it is not desirable to have users making changes.

Regardless, I am considering the possibilities here.

Monday, March 10, 2008


A user was trying to create a schedule item that would process a file on the 1st Tuesday of each month. I thought the program would already do that, but the Week of Month required that the Tuesday occur on that week. Some months do not have a Tuesday on the first week of the month. Well may of the first weeks of a month do not have all of the days.

I have changed the scheduler so that it will check to see if the user has specified a week of month and a day of week. If they are both entered, the program will see this as a request for the Xth occurance of the specified day of week for a month.

This should fix the users problem and provide some new capability.

Weather Message 3.3 Beta 7

Weather Message 3.3 Beta 7 has been uploaded to the beta website. This release has changes to address User Account Control compatibility with Windows Vista. I have not had a chance to test these changes on a Vista computer, will do so this week.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Group2Call Free Voice Messaging

Group2Call is now providing free voice messaging with ad support. If you use this service, each voice message will have a short ad at the end of the message. If you are interested in this service send an email to Alan at info@group2call.com.

Regular Expression Support

I have completed the changes to add support for Regular Expressions in the text match and text exclude routines. Users now have an option to indicate if the expression entered in the Match or Exclude field is a regular expression.

The current matching mechanism is very efficient. It however does not allow for multiple match criteria or complex matching expressions. These can be accomplished with regular expressions. Regular expressions should only be used when needed since they require considerably more cpu cycles than the default matching mechanism.

Here is an example regular expression: (.BMX.)(.MOB.)(.HUN.)

This means match .BMX. or .MOB. or .HUN. in the received message.