Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Transition of the NWS EMWIN FTP service

The NWS is accepting comments until September 15, 2017, on the proposed transition of the legacy Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service to the NWS Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP) enterprise environment.

The EMWIN FTP file service is transitioning to a new consolidated enterprise infrastructure referred to as IDP.  The new EMWIN IDP FTP service is scheduled to be operational on November 1, 2017. Users of the EMIWN legacy FTP service are encouraged to transition to the new service prior to January 31, 2018, the scheduled date for deactivating the legacy FTP server.

The new EMWIN IDP FTP service provides the following improvements:

-Eliminates the need for users to register for and use assigned user name and passwords to access the EMWIN archive files.  The new EMWIN IDP FTP service is hosted on an anonymous FTP server, providing open public access 24x7, over the public Internet.

-Increases the FTP service operational availability by employing a backup IDP anonymous FTP service that becomes operational in the event of a catastrophic failure of the primary IDP anonymous FTP service.

Two separate and unique sets of EMWIN archive files will be presented on the EMWIN IDP FTP service: one for the older generation GOES-15 satellite (GOES-West) and one for the newer generation GOES-16 satellite (GOES-East). The unique characteristics of their individual satellite broadcast services require separate archives as a result of:

-Different file naming conventions used for the WMO product files appearing on the GOES-West and GOES-East broadcasts. Products on GOES-West retain the legacy EMWIN eight character file name, while the GOES-East will implement the 63 to 66 character WMO compliant file name convention. Additional information on the GOES-East file naming convention is available for review here:

-The maximum data rate on the GOES-West and GOES-East satellite broadcast services will be 19.2 kbps and 256 kbps, respectively.  The higher data rate may periodically deliver a greater number of products in a given time interval, potentially increasing the archive file product count for comparable periods of time.

The NWS EMWIN IDP FTP archive file names and descriptions are:

txtmin02.zip ....... two minute file
txtmin06.zip ....... six minute file
txtmin20.zip ....... twenty minute file
txthrs01.zip ....... one hour file
txthrs03.zip ....... three hour file

imgmin15.zip ....... fifteen minute file
imghrs01.zip ....... one hour file
imghrs03.zip ....... three hour file

Additional information on the new IDP anonymous FTP service and files is found in the Enterprise EMWIN FTP Service Description document available here:

A Service Change Notice (SCN) will be sent before transitioning operations to the new EMWIN IDP FTP service.

Questions or comments about this service should be emailed to:

National Public Information Statements are online at: