Monday, June 29, 2015

NOAA Direct Readout Users Survey

The U.S. NOAA Direct Readout Satellite support group has recently installed a NOAA web site page that is just for users like you.   NOAA is trying to get an estimate of how many direct readout users are out there. 
There are some good reasons for this effort.  There is strong contention now for the satellite transmission band to be used for TV and cellular like services.  A large piece of the band spectrum was recently auctioned off for $45 billion U.S.  And there are efforts to hold another auction soon.  So, we need to show adequate usage of the direct readout environmental band, and that is where your participation is needed.
I am including the web site URL that only takes a couple minutes to register what services that you use or intend to use. When the web site opens just click on the “Register for Direct Readout” menu tab to go to the direct readout page.  NOAA is also working to provide on this web page the option of receiving notification of satellite anomalies and to give you the means to provide feedback on requirements for future satellites and systems.  Also, the ability for you to cancel out at any time you lose interest is in the works.  The important thing right now is to be counted as a user of satellite data.
 I am a former NOAA research scientist that has been asked to gather satellite data users to register on the new site.  Please do not underestimate the importance of your support.
Also, feel free to forward this information to anyone that you know that is a user of NOAA direct readout environmental satellite data; we want them all to register.
Some have had problems entering their antenna latitude/longitude location, if so just leave the box “unknown” checked as it is.  The important thing is to register.