Friday, April 29, 2011

Dadeville Tornado

Many of you have been sending me emails over the past couple of days. I wanted to respond to the group regarding the Dadeville Alabama tornado. I am glad to report that me and my family are ok. I did not have any damage from the tornado it was 7 miles south of my house.

My sister's home in Dadeville was destroyed. The only room left standing was the closet that they took shelter. I was trying to call her when I saw that the tornado was headed in their direction. One minute later she called me to tell me that they were trapped in the house and needed help. I immediately called 911.

I could not get to the house by road, so I walked a half a mile through the woods. All of the trees were blown over so it took some time. After searching the house, I found they were at a neighbor's house and ok.

As many of you know, I serve as a volunteer fire fighter and first responder in my local fire department. I went out to check on the other homes. As I reached the next house, one of their neighbors called out that they had someone injured.

I spent the next 45 minutes with an elderly lady who passed due to her injuries. The neighbor found her under a wall. Her house was completely missing. She had gone to what I think was the bathroom. In this case, the "safe" place was not safe.

In EMS we talk about the golden hour. Considering that I had to drive 15 minutes to get on the scene. Then walk through the woods to check on my family. Then start helping others, the golden hour had lapsed. The Dadeville Fire personnel got to me 5 minutes before she expired.

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew are staying with me right now. We spent yesterday salvaging the remains of their home. We saved a lot of pictures and personal items. Work will continue today.

I appreciate your emails, prayers and support. As weather enthusiasts and professionals, we must be diligent in our work to notify people of severe weather.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Novra S300 Arrives

It seems like déjà vu.  Back in January I blogged about my new S200 receiver which turned out to be the wrong receiver. I received my new Novra S300, the right receiver, and installed it today.  It is working fine with the current NOAAPort signal.  I will see how it performs with the new NOAAPort signal in April.