Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook Changes

Facebook deprecated off-line access in December 2012.  This change causes new Weather Message users to get a short lived access token.  The short lived access token is good for 2 hours.

Changes have been made in Weather Message to extend this initial access token to 60 days.  When the 60 day access token expires, Weather Message users will need to reauthorize the Weather Message application for another 60 days.

It appears that Weather Message users with an original access token, one issued prior to December 2012, do not have this constant reauthorization problem.  New users will have to reauthorize the application routinely.

We are still looking into this problem.  In the mean time, we have released Weather Message version 3.9.2.  The version contains revised code to obtain the 60 day access token.  A beta release for version 4 will be posted soon.