Monday, October 20, 2014

EMWIN Dual Internet Ingest

The next version of Weather Message's EMWIN ingest engine will have the ability to dual ingest the Internet data stream.

This feature is designed for users that do not have a satellite dish and want to minimize the potential loss of weather products.  For users with critical applications, we always recommend dual ingesting from a satellite feed along with the EMWIN Internet feed.

Ingesting EMWIN data from two Internet feeds can minimize data loss.  It however will not help when your local Internet connection goes down. There are times when an EMWIN server may go down due to normal rebooting, rebooting for windows updates, loss of Internet connectivity to that server, disconnection due to Internet connection speed, packet loss, router reboots, or a number of other hard to explain reasons.

When a connection to an EMWIN server is lost, there is a short period of time of data loss.  This occurs as the software is attempting to connect to the next available EMWIN Server.

This feature is now being tested.  It will be sold as an additional ingest engine.  More information and pricing will be posted on our website when this feature is available for general use.