Friday, August 29, 2008

A new webserver is installed

I have spent the last two days installing a new webserver for my office. This server hosts the Weather Message website. The new server is a Dell Power Edge 2900 with two 3.0 ghz Xeon quad core processors and 4GB of memory. It has two 160GB drives mirrored, two 500GB drives mirrored and one 1000GB drive.

This machine is something to behold. This is the second 2900 that we have purchased. It is running a number of web applications along with Weather Message Server. Horsepower should not be a problem now.

I am still migrating some of the applications, so that has taken up alot of my time. This configuration should last a number of years. (I suspect we will need another T1 before this machine is underpowered.)

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