Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weather Message Version 3.6 Installer backs up user files

I have made changes in the Version 3.6 Update Installer so that it will backup all of the *.dat files to C:\Program Files\WxMesgNet\Backup, before overwriting these files. 

The Update Installer currently tells the user that it wants to install updated product files.  This is a little misleading.  There are a number of updated files.  For the 3.5 release, this included new FIPS County information and revised Zone County information.

Users will now receive a little more detail letting them know that several files will be updated.  It will not include a list of files.  It will tell users that if they install the revised files, their original files will be backed up in the directory listed above. 

This will allow users to go ahead and install the revised files.  After the install is completed, they could go back and restore the files that they have modified.

These files would not normally be modified by users, but in some situations, I have recommended users change these files to accomplish their requirements.

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