Friday, April 23, 2010

Using Weather Message to update your Facebook status

Weather Message 3.6 Beta C allows users to update their Facebook status.  To send status updates to Facebook, you will need do do the following.  (Make sure you have version 3.6 Beta C installed)
  1. Go to Facebook and click on Mobile at the bottom of the page.
  2. Look for Upload via Email.  You need your upload email address.  (I had to click on an option at the top of the page that opened a window with the email address.  My next visit to the mobile page showed the email address on the main page.)
  3. Setup a Facebook email group.
  4. Set the Style for this group to Short.
  5. Set the Subject Style to Full.
  6. In the Subject Override line enter $Message$ (this causes the message to appear in the subject line)
  7. Enter your Facebook upload email address in the email address box.
  8. Save the Facebook group.
  9. Associate this group with the alarms that you want sent to Facebook.

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