Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Zephyrus WX-14 EMWIN Receiver

Zephyrus Electronics is getting ready to release their new WX-14 EMWIN Receiver.  I understand that they have some of these already installed for testing.  This receiver is a hardware based receiver.  It does not use a sound card.  Users can interface to the receiver using a serial port, usb port, or ethernet connection (TCP/IP).

Here are some images of the receiver.

When Zephyrus is ready for customer orders, I will make another post.

One Weather Message user has one of these and is using the ethernet connection (TCP/IP).  The Weather Message EMWIN ingest program supports TCP/IP connections  to the receiver using the Software Demodulator ingest option.  The Software Demodulator option will connect to the NOAA Software Demodulator or Zephyrus receiver using TCP/IP.

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