Saturday, May 18, 2013

EMWIN Logon Changes Tested

I participated in the EMWIN Logon changes test this week.  Starting June 10, 2013, the National Weather Service will require all EMWIN FTP users to use an assigned user name and password to access the FTP server.  If you do not use the FTP method to access the server, no changes are required.

If you use the EMWIN FTP server, you should send an email to Rob Wagner,  EMWIN Team,  Office of Operational Systems, robert.wagner@noaa.gov with your static or dynamic IP address.  You will be assigned a user name and password to access the FTP server.

In a previous blog post I announced that users would be required to use a static IP address.  The NWS will now filter dynamic IP users on the first three octets of their IP address.  This should not be a problem for most dynamic IP users.  (The first three octets are highlighted in the following IP address:

I noticed that my Verizon 4G wireless connection does change that third octet on occasion.  Because of this, I have sent multiple IP addresses for my registration.

Weather Message 4.0 contains changes that allows users to enter their assigned user name and password.

Note: To my knowledge a small number of Weather Message users use the FTP ingest option.

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