Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comments Sought on EMWIN Usage

American Meteorological Society's Emergency Management Committee seeks feedback on proposed radio spectrum sharing; response date extended to Feb. 17, 2015
Bob Goldhammer, CEM, IAEM-USA outreach liaison and co-chair of the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Emergency Management Committee, requests feedback from users of the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) system who receive their data directly via satellite broadcast. The assured availability of EMWIN over the air reception may be diminished or constrained due to planned or proposed radio spectrum sharing. The radio spectrum just above EMWIN was sold by auction this month to the commercial broadband wireless community, and regulators are evaluating whether to offer the radio spectrum that includes EMWIN for a future commercial auction. Both actions could create significant interference for EMWIN users. If you use EMWIN, please provide your responses to the following three questions via email to RGGoldhamr@aol.com by Feb. 17, 2015, using the email subject line "EMWIN Usage Response." If you submitted comments and have received no response from Bob Goldhammer, please re-send your information.
1. Do you or your organization receive EMWIN broadcasts? If so, please provide your organization's name, city, county and state where EMWIN receiver(s) are located.
2. Please briefly cite one example of when/how EMWIN played a significant role in a past EM event, or tell us how you currently use EMWIN received via satellite.
3. If you use EMWIN, please indicate what population area is served by this data, including any retransmission or further near-real time use of this data (e.g., King Country, WA or Tri-County area of Sevier, Piute and Wayne, UT).

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