Tuesday, August 30, 2016

EMWIN Conference Call Notes 8/30/2016

The NWS made the following announcements:

1) The NWS is looking for someone to take over the EMWIN internet stream.
2) The NWS will be no longer hosting the EMWIN internet feed after July 2017.  We do not know if the internet stream will be available after July 2017.  If they do not find someone to take over the stream, the EMWIN internet feed will cease in July 2017. 
3) The new FTP server should come on-line in June 2017.  It will feature anonymous access.
4) EMWIN satellite users may experience interference from users of adjacent frequencies.  Dish Network purchased a portion of the frequencies adjacent to the GOES HRIT/EMWIN frequencies.  The interference would be from mobile devices.
5) EMWIN satellite users will need a new receiver and/or an upgrade to their receiver.
6) WeatherWire is recommended.
7) GOES-R will launch November 4, 2016.
8) The NWS will be testing GOES-R in February/March 2017.  They will be seeking EMWIN end user participation reports.  If you want to participate in testing, you will need a new receiver.  Let the EMWIN team know at NWS.EMWIN.Support@noaa.gov.

A thank you goes out to all the Weather Message users that asked questions during the conference call.

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