Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cookie Goes To Church

I just have to post about Cookie's trip to church. Sunday was an interesting day. I went to church just like normal. During Sunday School, we had an elderly lady pass out. Being part of the volunteer fire department, I went out to my car to get my "medical bag" so I could take vitals.

My dog normally follows me to church and stays by my car. She is part lab and great pyrenees. Well all the excitement got to her, she followed me back into the Sunday school room. In all of the excitement, I looked around there set that 80 pound dog. After making sure the lady was ok, I escorted Cookie back outside.

After a short wait, other members from the fire department arrived and then the ambulance crew. The patient was attended to and was transported to the hospital. A case of dehydration.

I along with everyone else went back into church for the worship service, which was starting late by now. I went in one of the side doors and proceeded to choir. Some one came in the front of the church and left the door ajar. I was watching carefully. The normal Sunday announcements started, then I saw a dog's nose appear in the crack in the door. Cookie proceeded to push open the door and walked down to the podium. I came down from the choir and escorted her back outside. She put all 90 people into a state of laughter --- which was needed after the medical incident.

I think we all needed a visit from Cookie.

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