Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Exceeding the maximum number of connections

It appears that the tcp/ip control is returning a connection identifier that is increasing with each reconnection. This is strange and it does not act like this in the 2.x programs. I am investigating the cause of this issue -- looks like the tcp/ip control is not working like it did in the past.

This increasing number causes the maximum number of connections to be exceeded even when there are only a few connections. I will follow up with my findings.

--- Update 9/14/06 ---

After discussing this with the tcp/ip vendor -- I found out that the .net version does not work like the version used in Weather Message 2.x. This will require some work on my part to accomodate this issue. I will post an updated beta when it is fixed.

--- Update 9/16/06 ---

After 8 hours of work, this problem has been resolved. In the process some optimization of memory was gained. The initial program start up memory requirements for each connection has been reduced to zero, while the processing time to accumulate and manage the connections has increased slightly. As each connection is made, the memory needed to track the connection is allocated.

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