Sunday, May 27, 2007

Changes to consider

I have been running over my list of changes to catch up some old items. In the process I have thought of a couple of items that I want to note to check on as time permits.

1. Add the ability to test the smtp settings from the email setup options window.
2. Add the ability to create a test message from the main setup screen. Right click on an alarm and select "Test Alarm" or "Send Test".
3. What about having a test option on the email, page, and fax group page. Right click on a group and select "Send Test Message". (This could probably be accomplished with item 2)
4. Consider disabling the state and county boxes when the product is not coded as having UGC. The same for VTEC. (There are warning messages now.)

From a support position, I believe items 1 and 2 need to be completed. Some users have difficulty getting their email server information setup properly. A test option would let them know if they have that part correct.

Item 2 would be a big help with "knowing that it works". It however would basically require me to rewrite WxMesgText in the setup program.

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