Sunday, October 22, 2006

FTP Ingest Problem

It appears that the emwin archive files on the NWS EMWIN ftp server are no longer being updated. The last update was 9/28/06. The server does contain files with new names that are being updated. The new archives appear to contain both text and graphic products, rather than being separate downloads.

I have sent an email to Santos to inquire about this change. I am updating Weather Message 3.0 with the new file names. I'll update 2.10 after hearing back from him.

The new archives are complete with no missing products. It appears that the files are being created by Weather Message Ingest. The duplicate files contain a numeric sequence. Did I forget to mention that the NWS is using Weather Message Retransmission software at HQ!

I can say that the old archive files were not complete. If two products with the same name were issued during an archive period, only the last file was in the archive. This was not good and basically made those archives incomplete. The new archives, if they stay, will be a welcomed change.

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