Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Purging Products

I have received a couple of requests for different purge options. I am looking at those now.

The software currently purges every file after the globally defined number of hours elapse. If you have it set to 24 hours, then a message is deleted after it has been expired for 24 hours. I have requests to add the ability to specify the purge time and/or number of messages to keep by product.

The change would work like this: You would have the option to specifing a product identifier or wildcard combination. With this product, you would specify the purge time in hours or enter the number of message you want to keep on file for this product. You could set TOR??? to 48 hours or enter 10 to specify that you always want to keep the last 10 TOR??? products on file.

There will probably be some interaction between the hours and count fields. I have not worked out the details at the moment. This option would be entirely optional. If nothing was specified, then the system would honor the current global purge time.

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