Sunday, October 29, 2006

Integrated Program Help Update

After discussing the integration of program help with some of the beta users, I am moving ahead in this direction. Considering that the manual would need to be heavily rewritten and updated for version 3.0, the decision was made to move the manual to a windows style help file.

Beta 6 contains windows style help for the Server and Server Setup programs. The F1 key has been enabled on all windows. I can say that the help is more detailed than what you would find in the manual.

The is a big undertaking to say the least. I suspect I will spend the rest of this week and next weekend getting this completed. The current manual is over 150 pages. It will be worth the effort.

I should be able to update this help as I make changes in the software. This will help the beta testers as the notes that I make on the beta page should be reflected in the program help.

The question is whether there will ever be a manual. The answer is yes. I have the ability to print the windows style help as a manual. I will do that after all of the help has been converted.

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