Saturday, November 18, 2006

Short Message by Product

I am looking into the ability to specify a different short message by product identifier. I have had a number of request for this capability.

The thought is to replace the current short message menu option with "Product Specification" or "Product Specs". The user would be presented with a list, that would contain a default entry that would apply to all products. Clicking on the default row would allow you to change the current short message info. Adding a new product would allow you to setup a new short message, vtec message, options for that product. This would allow you to have a different "user defined" option for each product.

If this proceeds forward, I am questioning whether there needs to be a short message option on the group.

The program would use the group short message first, if present. Then check for a matching product short message, if one was not found, it would use the default.

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