Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weather Message Net Beta 8

I have uploaded Beta 8 to the website. This update contains a couple of fixes and updated F1 documentation for all programs.

I also realized that I had not created an install for WxLocal. It can now be downloaded from http://www.wxmesg.com/WxBetaNet/LoBetaNet.htm The install includes integrated documentation.

I will work to get the installer for WxDataSave created this week, along with the associated documentation. I had over looked it also.

The documentation conversion project is coming to a close. I will get everything read and checked for errors. That will allow me to concentrate on changes and additional testing prior to 3.0 release. The documentation had to be completed before the software could be released.

I knew the documentation conversion would take alot of time, but I did not realize how much work had to be done. The old documenation was around 150 pages. The new documentation is around 190.

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