Saturday, December 23, 2006

Status - Update

I still have two pending issues that need to be resolved before version 3.0 can be released. I have a strange tcp/ip problem in Weather Message Server and Byte Blaster Server. The problem occurs with the internal tcp/ip buffer fills. This causes the applications to hang until the offending client disconnects.

The tcp/ip vendor sent me a correction, however, it appears to still have this problem under different circumstances. I have sent another email to them regarding this problem.

A couple of users have reported a strange GDI+ error with WxIngest. I have temporarily removed the sliding data window to see if this resolves the issue.

As soon as these two issues are addressed, I'll go ahead and release 3.0.

I am going to try and release 2.10 as the public release for Weather Message Classic. There have been several changes over the year and it needs to be version that new users are downloading.

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