Sunday, December 03, 2006

TCP/IP Server Component Issue

I have been watching the new 3.0 Byte Blaster Server run for a week. I suspected that something was not exactly right. The question was it a me problem or something else. After 5 hours or research, I believe that I found a problem with my TCP/IP Vendor's IP Component.

When the buffer completely fills, the component should tell me that it is full so that I can disconnect the client or perform other tasks. It appears that is just waits for the buffer to empty, which is not correct. I am not sure if this is a problem in their latest release or if it has been there all along.

I have sent an email asking about this issue. They don't respond to emails on the weekends, so I will have to wait until Monday for a reply.

This effects Weather Message Server and the ByteBlaster Server software. It is not a big issue for Weather Message Server, was we always want to send data to the clients. For the ByteBlaster Server, we want to disconnect clients that have full buffers.

I will most likely go ahead and post a beta tonight. When a solution to the buffer full problem is identified, I'll refresh the beta.

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